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Gracefully Broken Reviews

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Pen2Paper4U, LLC is fortunate to have found success and a loyal following of fans. This reputation continues with the release of its debut title, "Gracefully Broken."

You can explore some of the amazing reviews for yourself below.

Notebook and Pen


Sharon Marine

"Gracefully Broken" is a MUST read. I was on the edge of my seat with each page I turned. It was so relatable that I saw my life in so many places. I laughed, cried and learned. Yes! Glory to God for giving you this vision to share and uplift us with magnificent words. Thank you for putting your pen to paper."

Writing by the Water


Consuelo Almon Campbell

"Wow, I couldn't get past the introduction without the tears rolling down my face. Then I get to chapter one and I had to grab the tissues, look out my window and up at God to simply say - You're AMAZING!! Thank you for taking us along your journey! I'm blessed already knowing that God did it again!!"

Taking Notes


Wanda D. Kimball

"What a good read! I like how you ended the chapters with such awesome, beautiful poetry. You definitely accomplished your purpose for the book, and I think wives especially will take away a lot of wisdom. Your husband was honored and God definitely got glory."



Selma R.

"The book was absolutely amazing..God has blessed you with a wonderful talent for writing...I plan to purchase additional copies for family and friends. Thanks for sharing your experiences and the wisdom gained from those experiences."

Notebook and Pen



"I just completed reading the book. It was awesome. It was relatable. You were so transparent. That it reminded me of some of my own experiences. Chapter 5 touched my heart. It had me choked up with emotions."

Writing by the Water


LaVoydis Speaks

"Thanks for your obedience and transparency. Your vivid writing and descriptive language invites readers to every scene of your journey. The movement of God certainly jumps from the pages and gracefully reminds us that God is bigger than any challenge we may face. This book is life-changing!"

Taking Notes


Patricia Jackson

"Hello Cynthia, read Gracefully Broken, I enjoyed it very much and it was very enlightening. Thanks for the read!"

A Woman Writing by the Window


Desiree Hall

"Gracefully Broken is a phenomenal read. Author Cynthia Feaster Tims takes you on a personal, emotional and thought provoking journey. I must admit at first I was concerned about being able to relate to this author's story, for it was primarily from a mother and wife's perspective, which I am how would I as a single person with no children relate. Well, let me tell you I was pleasantly surprised. Her story is a human experience story, giving insight into relationships, not just as a married person, but if you have ever been in any type of relational partnership at any time, you will me..I did. Also, the sharing of her personal Journaling, along with a poem that helps to sum up each of her insightful chapters is a kind touch that I personally appeciated. Job well done my friend/soror!"

A Young Man Writing


R. Woodard

"I just finished reading your amazing story of faith. Once I got started, I could not put the book down. You are such a gifted writer! I felt like I could hear your voice speaking the words as I read. To look at you, no one would know all that you have gone through. But God! Thanks for sharing, inspiring & keeping it real! Much love, peace and blessings to you and your family."

A Woman Writing at Home


Benita Hicks Lance

"You are a gifted writer and poet! Your transparency is a blessing!"

A Young Man with a Notebook


First Lady Elizabeth Scott

I met you at a service at Pastor Davenport's Anniversary and Church Service. My husband was the Guest preacher. I purchased a book that day. Since then, I have been telling women about how this book is a blessing and they have been ordering. Thank you for blessing me and others."

A Woman Sitting in a Coffee Shop and Wri



Wow, is this really your first book! You had me at the introduction and I just wanted to keep reading more to see how God was in the midst of your family's lives making moves. Thank you for sharing your true self and real deal with your trials and tribulations, as Bishop would say, how will we know God can solve it if we never had a problem..I admire and respect you for the courage it took to put pen to paper with the hopes that it would encourage someone. You are an inspiration to me to continue to follow your dream. Your book has reminded me of some things that I had forgotten along the way! You are truly a blessing and one of God's vessels to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Thank you and thank you! I can not wait until your next book!

A Young Woman Writing


K. Moody Hoskins, Author, "Nobody's Child: Sarah's Story"

You're a wonderful writer and there is Word for those struggling in their relationships with God and their partners. I also loved your poetry that was incorporated throughout. May God continue to bless all that you put your hands to!



Wanda L. Kimball

Gracefully Broken is a thought-provoking page turner. The author's willingness to be candid and lay it all out there is awe inspiring. There ae so many inspirational nuggets of encouragement to help any reader navigate with God's grace and mercy this thing called life.

Woman Writing


Joanie Oneal

This is a beautiful read. It had me crying, smiling and thanking God for his Glory!! Beautiful my friend!



Author Cynthia Feaster Tims

Visionary Author, Cynthia Feaster Tims, was the featured presenter during all three worship services at Morning Star Baptist Church of Woodlawn. The MSBC Death Ministry celebrated their anniversary on the date of her visit. The ministry collaborated with Mrs. Tims as they signed to Tasha Cobbs-Leonard's award topping gospel hit, "Gracefully Broken." The congregation was inspired and shared

Notebook and Pen


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